The Art of Winning the Bidding War!

29 May

These days the market is moving along like a run away train reach outrageous speeds.  Everyone wants a good deal.  How far are you willing to go to get one?

Well the thing here is that some of these Foreclosures are price so low, that even in their current state they are lower than perhaps they should be or are they?

Watching all the programs we see almost all the homes are going for less than asking price.  But this is a different market in the Fox Valley and in Green Bay, WI for that matter.  So you need the homework done for you and pronto!  You need to know what is it worth today, and in minutes.  You also need to know what it would normally go for if your looking to flip this home.

This is a market I have studied for some time.  We are not wired to be able to offer more than the asking price regardless of how low the property is. But the key is “You” don’t do this every day for a living.  So you need to seek an aggressive export to lead you through the shark infested waters.   Not every home out there is a Gem.  But there are a good many, that are that Gem.  

The days of making $20k – 30k are pretty much gone.   But if you can land the right one and still make $10k to $15k you are doing pretty good!  But be careful not to go too far over the asking price or you may not have room to sell it when your done.  Always expect the unexpected.  Theres usually something you didn’t plan for.

So while knowing what you can about the values is the biggest step in knowing where the property will more than likely sell.  Now it’s time to go in with a strategic plan of action to make sure you can get it without spending a penny more than you are comfortable with and feel good about it.  But how do you beat out the other buyers and still keep the costs as low as possible?  How do you know what they are going to do?  Well, just like you don’t know what they are going to do, but you can set up the offer to purchase like an Ebay item.  Want to know how this works? You’ll have to visit my webpage, email or call me for “Insider Secret”

Happy Home Hunting!  



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